WTA Program

What is the WTA Program?
The Wound Treatment Associate (WTA) Program is a wound care educational program geared to non-specialty licensed wound care providers and medics/corpsmen.

The WTA Program is endorsed by the WOCN® Society. It was designed to meet the growing need for skilled wound care providers in all care settings, including the military, and to enhance nurses’ ability to provide optimal care for patients with acute and chronic wounds as members of a collaborative wound care team. The WTA Program is ideal for non-WOC certified nurses or wound care providers and will help strengthen wound care skills and improve patient outcomes.

Purpose of the WTA Program

The purpose of the WTA Program is to prepare a non-WOC certified nurse to provide optimal care for patients with acute and chronic wounds under the direction of a WOC specialty nurse, WOC APRN, or physician.

Criteria for Successful Completion of the WTA Program

Learners must participate in the entire online course, receive a passing score of 70% on the comprehensive post test and demonstrate competency in the following skills:

  • Application of a layered compression wrap
  • Assessment of sensory function using Semmes-Weinstein monofilaments
  • Measurement and calculation of an ankle brachial index

Each WTA Program participant must complete and submit an evaluation form. The estimated time of completion for online learning lessons and review questions is 12 weeks

Estimated time for completion of online learning lessons and review questions is 15.0 hours. The comprehensive WTA Program is a continuing education activity offering 21.0 contact hours upon completion. The price for the full WTA Program course, includes access to WTA Online Course Modules and WTA Pin, WTA Workbook, Test, Certificate of Completion, Questions Answered by Coordinator. The registration fee of $799.00 includes everything needed to complete the course.

To learn more, contact info@globalhealthscience.org. Click here to register for the WTA Program.